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A glimpse at where my writing has taken me.

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Staff Writer

Revelist is a mobile-first RockYou Media publication aimed at millennial women, focused mainly on fashion, beauty, pop culture, and personal growth. I write trending pop culture and fashion news, with my own angle, dive deep into the merging of fashion and pop culture, and try random beauty and fashion trends so you don’t have to.

You can read more articles I’ve written so far here.

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Stack Commerce

Freelance Writer

StackCommerce sources amazing products, tells captivating stories about said products, and ultimately puts those products in the hands of millions of satisfied customers worldwide. I write articles highlighting tech and lifestyle products for a variety of publishers on short deadlines and on a freelance basis.


Staff Writer

Vocally is a RockYou Media publication showcasing a diverse community of twenty-something women having unfiltered discussions and unapologetically telling stories through fresh perspectives. As a staff writer, I covered trending news stories that fit the Vocally brand, as well as many personal essays, interviews, and lifestyle features.



FanBread is a RockYou Media company set on changing people's perspectives on content. The FanBread platform utilizes data and predictive analytics to match new media brands to relevant freelance content producers and facilitates the collaboration required to create high-quality original content.

I wrote and edited stories regularly for the following celebrities and brands:

  • Ashley Benson - www.xobenzo.com

  • Snooki (Nicole Polizzi) - trending.nicolepolizzi.com

  • JWOWW ( Jenni Farley) - www.missdomesticated.com

  • Wayne Goss - gossmakeupartist.com

  • Country Made - countrymade.com/

You can find a portfolio of writing for all brands at https://christina-buff.fanbread.com/


Festival Content Writer

Everfest is the world's largest festival market platform that enables millions of festival fans per month to discover festivals, book unique travel and share amazing memories. As a content writer, I researched worldwide festivals and wrote unique content briefly illustrating each festival's individual details and distinctions.


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Sustain, a digital marketing agency

Content Writer

From writing SEO-driven blog posts, eBooks, and website content, to editing articles, interviews, and eblasts, I helped clients reach their target audience in a well-rounded, on-brand, and eccentric way. 

Client industries included: 
entertainment, technology, e-commerce, finance, home building and remodeling, interior design, holistic health, HVAC, lawn care, business consulting, freelancing, beauty, and more.

Some prominent writing samples can be found here, here, here or here.

You can also read a few eBooks I've written for clients here.

"I, Witness" Season 1 Episode 3: The Accused

Content Writer (featured prop)

I, WITNESS (wt) showcases real-life murder investigations as seen through the eyes of one individual. But their point of view and the story they tell isn’t necessarily the one you might expect. 

For this particular episode, a multitude of news articles was needed to showcase the powerful and disturbing case surrounding Riley Fox. I researched and wrote each article featured as a prop in the episode.

Premiered 1/11/2017. You can watch the episode here.

Sandy Spring Builders

Blog Writer

Sandy Spring Builders is a full-service luxury home builder in Bethesda, Maryland. They've won Best of Bethesda for Bethesda Magazine several years in a row, and were the Grand Prize Winner - National “Best In American Living Awards” Sponsored by the National Association of Home Builders and Professional Builder magazine. I wrote their blog posts for multiple years, showcasing home design trends, news, and other buzzing topics in the home building industry.


Contributing Writer

Kicker was a startup news organization for getting up to speed quickly and easily on what's happening in the world, as well as learning how to take action. It's knowledge + power.

My responsibilities as a contributing writer were:

• Construct Day in 10 lists that wrap up the top news stories of the day
• Research prominent social and political news topics
• Write short, crisp, news articles


Contributing Writer

FanQuest is an online community for targeted fandoms. It showcases current fan based topics, provides discussion areas for fans to share their thoughts on fandom items, and keeps fans current about what is happening within their fan bases.

My responsibilities:

  • Write in-depth blogs about my obsessions with things, like Phish.

  • Write reviews of current TV shows, movies, concerts, and more.

  • Explore fandoms and stay up to date with pop culture.

Hello Giggles

Sometimes it's OK to be a Quitter

An original essay I wrote that was published and featured on one of my favorite websites.


Voice Media

Contributing Writer

Voice media consists of three local newspapers (Severna Park Voice, Arundel Voice, and Pasadena Voice) focused on positive stories around Anne Arundel County, Maryland. 

My responsibilities as a contributing writer included:

  • Interview locals about arts and entertainment (mostly)

  • Construct stories using modified AP style

  • Write positive stories using journalistic integrity




PRWeb (a Cision company) is the leader in online news distribution and publicity. It offers various press release packages, enabling businesses of all sizes to increase the visibility of their news, reach new audiences, stand out in search, and drive traffic to their websites.

My responsibilities as an editor included:

  • Editing press releases for spelling, grammar, clarity, objectivity, etc.

  • Formatting, approving, and scoring press releases for quality of news content

  • Writing press releases on behalf of clients

  • Distributing press releases to major search engines, journalists, and bloggers