don't be mean in 2017

happy new year! and happy birthday to me!

i'm beyond grateful for the remarkable experiences, places, and people that filled up 2016. i had the opportunity to see my favorite band SEVEN times this past year, which is absolutely unbelievable (i am so blessed). i fell in love with a new place and am hoping to pack my bags soon and call it home. i taught myself some new skills—wire wrapping, embroidery, sewing—and have created so many things i'm proud of. i spent the majority of my sundays at church, which i haven't done since i was a child, and it has helped me grow TREMENDOUSLY. i've learned to let go of silly things and anxiety does not run my life anymore (ok, sometimes it still rears its ugly head, but for the most part, i'm solid).

yes, there was loss and heartache, but through those moments i discovered what truly matters and who truly matters (and i will just leave it at that). and when i look back at 2016, i will smile because i made it.

i am better than i was a year ago. i am stronger; i am smarter; i am more determined than ever. for that, i am grateful.

gratitude is the most undervalued path to emotional and spiritual development. so, as i step into 2017, i am putting on my grateful goggles and i am accelerating forward. 


I kiss the timid moon and it illuminates as it blushes

I navigate my way through the ivory clouds and scoop a pile of stars into my open palm

The amethyst sky is boundless in my vision

I feel weightless

I blink for an abrupt second, only to realize that I am not asleep; I am next to you

For when you are near, life is but a dream

brief ramblings while laying in bed

thoughts at 12:15pm
i want to wake up to your sleepy yawns and bedroom eyes every morning;
i'd smile, then snuggle close and drift back to sleep for a few hours in your arms.

my favorite noise
is that of your heavy breathing
and sharply drawn gasps
when i give myself to you
and our bodies blend together

i bet the moon is lonely
staring down at a world so dark and quiet
but if it only knew how much we long for it
and feel dazzled and dizzied by it's presence
oh, moon don't hide away
illuminate our violet sky

your eyes tell stories
they speak to me each time they meet mine
yours are lighter, with a bit more blue
but i always pretend they're the same
when they meet it's an abrupt and awkward handshake
but then after a few seconds they have become the best of friends
yours telling stories and secrets that even your mouth would not expose
mine shyly observing with amour

My Ugly Mouth.

The problem with loving you is only having two arms to hold you with, two eyes to admire every enticing detail and two hands to intertwine with yours.

Two would be an adequate number if I was referring to mouths, in which my only one is so worthless and inferior.

Please forgive my incompetence and imperfections for I only aim to please you. My words are scarce and my sentences incomprehensible, but I would offer you the entire alphabet if it was mine to lend.