don't be mean in 2017

happy new year! and happy birthday to me!

i'm beyond grateful for the remarkable experiences, places, and people that filled up 2016. i had the opportunity to see my favorite band SEVEN times this past year, which is absolutely unbelievable (i am so blessed). i fell in love with a new place and am hoping to pack my bags soon and call it home. i taught myself some new skills—wire wrapping, embroidery, sewing—and have created so many things i'm proud of. i spent the majority of my sundays at church, which i haven't done since i was a child, and it has helped me grow TREMENDOUSLY. i've learned to let go of silly things and anxiety does not run my life anymore (ok, sometimes it still rears its ugly head, but for the most part, i'm solid).

yes, there was loss and heartache, but through those moments i discovered what truly matters and who truly matters (and i will just leave it at that). and when i look back at 2016, i will smile because i made it.

i am better than i was a year ago. i am stronger; i am smarter; i am more determined than ever. for that, i am grateful.

gratitude is the most undervalued path to emotional and spiritual development. so, as i step into 2017, i am putting on my grateful goggles and i am accelerating forward.