My Favorite Novel

To You, on Your day.


You could've been a short story, wedged between other short stories. Notable, light, a brief morning read, over in the blink of an eye. 

You could've been a minor character, an extra, a barely-memorable, unassuming, unnecessary one-page addition to my narrative. 

But that's not what God had in store.

You are a novel, with a sturdy hardback cover, edges worn, pages comfortably bent. You’re a perfect fit in my hands, a page-turner, with delightful detail, intrigue and impeccable rhythm. Something I want to snuggle up with and read for a long, long time. Something I can't put down, even if I wanted to.

You are the protagonist, a warrior, the lead character in this story. You inspire me, challenge me, lift me up and love me. You are my compass, constantly directing me toward He who is holy. You are complex, committed, assuredly taking on a hero’s journey. You entice, illustrate, seduce, confound, convey, reveal.

You could’ve dissipated as quickly as you appeared, but instead you are here. Holding my hand; staring at me with those opalescent eyes; pointing me north; loving me intensely, with no restrictions; encouraging me during the toughest of times; challenging me to be better today than yesterday.

I’ve tossed all the other books from my shelf, because it's you I want to read. Over and over and over.....