Christina Buff



AKA: Touch-Infinity

The Boring Stuff:

I graduated magna cum laude from Stevenson University in Baltimore, MD with a degree in business communication — focused in writing. During my time there, I discovered that not only do I love to write, but I'm also pretty good at it (you can read all about that journey of self-discovery here). I've been seeking my own niche in the writing world ever since.

Touch Infinity started as a private medley of musings in 2012 and the name just stuck. It has evolved into a place to showcase my personal and professional writing, and to share with you my handmade creations.

What is the central theme to this everlasting spoof?


 Live music addict
‣ Always spending all my money on concert tickets. And they're probably for Phish.
Passionate about God, feminism, and music.
‣ Encyclopedic knowledge of How I Met Your Mother and Law & Order: SVU
‣ Lover of golden retrievers
‣ Craft beer snob
Fashion nerd
 Amy Winehouse lookalike, according to random people at bars
‣ Collector of boots and scarves
‣ Fan of the Baltimore Ravens and the Washington Capitals
‣ Hater of small talk, but will rant to you about the Gawker vs Hulk Hogan dilemma or how plastic is poisoning our planet